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As restaurant owner, you know that every day is different. As a business owner, you become susceptible to risks both in and outside of the kitchen. That’s why the right restaurant insurance protection plan can help you and your business in a time of need.

Although a basic business insurance policy may cover your business, the right restaurant insurance policy can help cover aspects that aren’t specifically covered under a regular business insurance plan. D’Agostino Insurance can help you determine the type of insurance policy and range of coverage that is best for your restaurant.

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What you need to know about restaurant insurance in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, & New Hampshire.

Business Liability Coverage

This coverage is designed to protect you and your business from any accidents, mistakes, or injuries that occur in your restaurant. This coverage can also cover you from customer complaints such as a broken tooth or illness from the restaurant’s food.

Business Property Coverage

This coverage is designed to protect your business in the chance of damages done to your building or restaurant equipments. It can cover the building your restaurant is located in and the equipment inside that helps run the business. This is often the most important insurance coverage for a restaurant. 

Business Crime Coverage

Working along with property coverage, crime coverage protects against wrong doing you may suffer from an employee or third party, including theft of sensitive data such as customer information, as well as equipment, money, or robbery.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

This coverage helps protect your workers from any accidents or injuries they may face while on the job. The restaurant environment can be fast paced and even hectic at times. You can make sure your employees are covered no matter the situation.

Every situation is unique. Contact us today to learn more about the right restaurant insurance for you and your business.

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